Shane Cable

Lead Software Developer
Raspberry Software

About Me

I am currently working as a lead software developer for a tech company based in the East of England. I aspire to help others become better developers in ways more than just the fundamentals of programming.

If you would like to get in touch, either LinkedIn or Twitter will be best avenue for you.

Site Information

This site is written in pure Javascript, using Next.js and hosted on Vercel. My aim is to provide a fast, clean and clutter free site with nothing more than my technical snippets & leadership thoughts.

This site does not collect data from your browser, there are no analytics or cookies. The only slight intrusion is your IP which is securely encrypted with a salt for a unique reference if you use the Like functionality on my blog posts.

While the ideas on this site are of my own, you are welcome to use parts of the site or its entirety for your own means. You do not need my permission, there are no copyrights, go for it. Full source code can be found on my Github.


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